Quality Control

Reffe offers QC inspection services to limit commercial risks when importing products from China. We ensure the quality, quantity, appearance, and specifications of your products match your order. By having a good and strong QC, you will limit mistakes by importing bad products, you will receive fewer claims from customers, and have fewer problems with everything.

Additionally, we have experience with product development and can help you choose the right factory in China for your needs, this will also help you with fewer problems altogether. Trust Reffe for successful importing and product development.

We can help with

We can also help the Chinese Companies with the following service: 

  • Our price is very fair and based on each job 
  • Import and Export 
  • Sourcing and outsourcing 
  • Consulting, design, improvement and R&D 
  • Quality control during production and before shipment 
  • Coordination and follow up with suppliers and factories 
  • English-Chinese Translation services 
  • Reduce the import cost by export tax rebates in China 
  • Planning and management of loading of material in containers 
  • Export material from China 
  • Fair service 
  • Consulting and business development 
  • Marketing consulting 
  • Online marketing 
  • Better English translation for your website or catalogue