Bamboo and Wood

Bamboo as a material has lots of benefits, we believe bamboo will be used much more in the future, and have build up a strong network of contacts in the industry. We also use all kind of wood in many products such as furniture and flooring.

Bamboo benefits

Bamboo has been utilized by humans for centuries, and grows in tropical climates, it is widely regarded as a miracle plant. It can be used in building materials, manufacturing, decoration ect.

Bamboo is a very sustainable resource and can be used for many purposes. Bamboo is grass that actually helps to prevent soil erosion. It also grows at an astonishing rate. It can also be harvested without the death of the crop. Once you cut down a hardwood, that tree is dead. To replace that tree, may take up to 20-40 years before you can harvest a viable crop again. Contrast this with bamboo, which can grow at a rate of 1 m in a 24 hour period for some species, the bamboo we use is ready for harvest in about 4-8 years.

Bamboo's green footprint makes it a plant that could very well shape our future. As forests continue to be cleared for wood production and other needs, bamboo can offer us an alternative to clearcutting. Bamboo takes in more CO2 and produces much more oxygen than your average hardwood tree. This makes it a valuable partner in fighting climate change.

The strength of bamboo has been found to be very tensile.The beauty of bamboo, is that it isn't made to break. Instead, bamboo goes with the flow and has the ability to bend in a strong windstorm. When stalks are cut and compressed, they can rival the strength of most steel, so bamboo is very useful for many purposes.


Most of our costumers buy Bamboo worktops in a very high quality, and our QC is the strongest in the industry, it is sold on the european market for quiet a high price, and the quality dont get better than what you get from our factories and costumers. We also have contacts around asia for other kind of wood such as Acasia, rubberwood ect. Our Danish branch office have own FSC certificate, so if you need FSC, we got it. The same as many of the factories we work with.


We offer flooring from many factories, most from China, we have many types, all depending of quality, design, price and volume, both indoor and outdoor. Solid wood, engineered, laminate ect. Contact us so we can talk more about your needs to find the right product and factory for you.


We work with many factories in different part of China, so we have contacts for most kind for furniture, also in other countries. If you need help with R&D to design new furniture, we have contacts in Denmark, Italy, Hong Kong and other places. It all depend of your needs, we will find the right solution together.


FSC works to improve forest management worldwide, and through certification creates an incentive for forest owners and managers to follow best social and environmental practices. The growing demand for FSC certified products tells forest owners that businesses and consumers prefer products from well managed forests. By working to promote environmentally and socially beneficial forest management, FSC helps both local communities and society at large to enjoy long-term benefits of managing forests in a responsible way.
If you want to know more about FSC, visit the FSC website here

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