Bamboo – Wood

Bamboo as a material has lots of benefits and is very sustainable and good for the environment. We believe bamboo will be used much more in the future, and have built up a strong network of contacts in the industry. We also use many kinds of bamboo and wood for different types of products such as panels, countertops, furniture, and flooring, and in other products like in the kitchen for various cutting boards and other kitchen appliances

We also have our own production of MDF mostly in black color, used in the production of our Acoustic Panels with different surfaces such as Veneer both Engineered and natural, both we can also make other surfaces like Melamine and Laminate


FSC® works to improve forest management worldwide, and through certification creates an incentive for forest owners and managers to follow best social and environmental practices.

The growing demand for FSC® certified products tells forest owners that businesses and consumers prefer products from well managed forests. By working to promote environmentally and socially beneficial forest management, FSC® helps both local communities and society at large to enjoy long-term benefits of managing forests in a responsible way.

Bamboo benefits

Reffe is a leading supplier of bathroom products, offering a wide range of shower solutions, including shower enclosures, cabins, steam showers, and panels from various factories in China. Our products are of good quality and are competitively priced when compared to other options on the market. Additionally, most of our factories have certifications such as CE, TÜV, Rohs, ISO Ect.

We also offer a variety of high-quality products in different sizes, shapes, and designs, made with top-grade materials. Our experience in the building materials and bathroom industry has allowed us to create a strong network of connections with factories in China, making us the right choice to help you find the best products for your needs.

Our selection of bathroom products includes a wide range of models, designs, and sizes. We take pride in only offering good quality products at a fair price, without compromising on design or finish.

We have contacts with many factories in China that can cater to your needs. We offer new designs or can even make products according to your own specifications. Our advice is always to use good quality parts to avoid problems, and our prices remain competitive when compared to other options on the market.


Most of our costumers buy Bamboo worktops in a very high quality, and our QC is the strongest in the industry, it is sold on the european market for quiet a high price, and the quality dont get better than what you get from our factories and costumers.

We also have contacts around asia for other kind of wood such as Acasia, rubberwood ect. Our Danish branch office have own FSC® certificate, so if you need FSC®, we got it. The same as many of the factories we work with.


We can produce MDF in both normal brown, but we also produce in black color with different kinds of surfaces such as Engineered and Natural Veneer, Melamine, Laminate, and other surfaces.

If you need this made according to some standards and certifications, we also have options for that.

Contact us so we can talk more about your needs to find the right product for you.


We work with many factories in different parts of China, so we have contacts for most kinds of furniture, also in other countries.

Most of what we have made so far is different kinds of chairs and tables both for dining and sofa.

If you need help with R&D to design new furniture or improve old design, we have contacts in Denmark, Italy, Hong Kong, and other places. It all depends on your needs, we will find the right solution together.