Fishing – Outdoor

Reffe has been making and developing fishing and outdoor products for some years now, and has quite many contacts in the industry, especially for flyfishing, both for factories in China and Asia. We are fishing ourself, that means we actually understand most of your problems, when it come to R&D, most trading companies and workers don’t fish and don’t understand much of what is needed to produce the right quality and function, this is very important for us and makes the hole difference, just try us and you will understand what we mean.

Your connection to Asia

As a company with extensive experience in China, we have found it to be a natural step for us to expand our operations in the country. We have built a strong network of contacts over the years, which has allowed us to tap into some of the best factories available in the region. This, in turn, has enabled us to offer our customers high-quality products and services that meet their exacting standards.

One of our core areas of expertise is in research and development. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our existing products and to develop new ones that meet the changing needs of our customers. This includes products such as lines, flylines, bags, packs, accessories, waders, clothes, reels, rods, and other fishing equipment. By working closely with our partners in China and Asia, we are able to access the latest technology and manufacturing processes, which allows us to create products that are both innovative and reliable.

In addition to our R&D work, we also provide a range of other services to our customers. This includes negotiating with suppliers, ensuring quality control, and managing logistics. By taking care of these tasks, we free up our customers to focus on their core business activities, which in turn helps them to grow and succeed.