Our extensive network and contacts in China, makes Reffe a strong partner in China. As you can see on our list we are working with many different products and new products are on the way and more coming in the future.

We are often on trade show and fairs around the world, and we can probaly also help you to find new suppliers.

Please contact us for more information about your products and needs.

Products so far

Products so far: Outdoor: Patio heater, Accessories, Fishing, Clothes, Furniture, Umbrella, Bags, Packs, Suitcase, Travel products, Waterproof Gadgets: Powerbank, Action camera, Accessories, IP Camera, Travel Products Sport: Sport support, Fitness equipment, Bags, Massage: Chairs, Massage pillows, Massage table, Boards Health: Green tea, Matcha powder, Herbal products, Patches, Medical products and equipment Glue, Tape, Fillant, Grease, Oil and Sealant Tiles, Ceramic, Granite, Stone products Decoration, Household products, Tray, Boxes, Furniture, Bamboo products, Mirror Festival products, Christmas, New Year, Event and show, Hardware, Aluminium, Handle, Glass, Accessories Flooring: Bamboo, Outdoor, Engineered, Laminate, Decking, Carpets Toys, Drone, Action Camera, Inflatable Products, Scooter and boards, EL Bike, Cycle, Auto, Tools Bathroom, Bamboo, Furniture, Fishing, LED,

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massage table
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Contact us

  • Office

    Herning, Denmark
    Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Foshan, Guangdong, China
  • Phone

    +45 70209707
    +45 20755535
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