Import, trading, fair price, R&D, QC, and much more.

Our services

  • Our price is very fair and based on each job
  • Import and Export
  • Sourcing and outsourcing
  • Consulting, design, improvement and R&D
  • Quality control during production and before shipment
  • Coordination and follow up with suppliers and factories
  • English-Chinese Translation services
  • Reduce the import cost by export tax rebates in China
  • Planning and management of loading of material in containers
  • Export material from China
  • Fair service

We can also help the Chinese Companies with the following service

  • Consulting and business development
  • Marketing consulting
  • Online marketing
  • Better English translation for your website or catalogue


Today its getting more important to be cost effective, traveling and operating in China cost a lot time and money, often its more cost effective to use a sourcing company like Reffe to do the job, we are a western company who have been operating in China for many years, building up an extensive network of contacts.


supplier in China, and at the same time you dont pay without receiving anything. We have extensive knowledge about the market in China, to make sure you find the best factory.

Fair service

If you want to visit a fair in China, we can make it much easier for you. With our extended knowledge and experience visiting fair all over the world, we can assist you to get better result visiting a fair and be more cost effective.

  • Arrange a complete package for you
  • Have an assistant and interpreter to go with you
  • Get a visitor's badge for enterance
  • Transportation service
  • Hotel booking
  • Have an assistant and interpreter to visit a factory with you

Quality control

Reffe offers its clients a straight forward way to limit commercial risks when importing your goods from China. Our inspections help you:

  • ensure the quantity produced (finished and packed) matches with the quantity ordered
  • ensure visual appearance (color, finish) matches with product ordered
  • ensure product specifications (measurements, material, functions)comply with the order and mandatory standards
  • verify packaging, labeling, instructions and markings

R&D and Design

If you want to develop or design new products, we have experience with many different products, but most of all with roots in Denmark, we know how to many a beautiful design, and good quality. It all depends of the product you need to develop and how much you can do your self, for witch factory to use in China, we can help making the right choice for what best for you.